Cross overs

The cast of Gamer Cafe in Non-Canon universes.

Neko x Makoto Tachibana

AoT - Daz and Katie

Gamer Cafe Kirbies

Daz and Mana - Cat's life

Mana in thief Clothes
(Bravely Default)

Mana Bard (FF14)

Pokemon Trainer Mana

Legend of Mana

Mario Galaxy - Princess Penny

Gen & Penny - Skullgirls

Gamer Cafe Cast

The cast of Gamer Cafe in various alternate bonus images.

Naughty Nibble

Mana's Journey in Kalos

Christmas 2013

Daz Keaty OC

Daz's Grin

Daz's Smirk

Manami Sheehan V1

Manami Sheehan V2

Mana's Date Dress

Gamer Cafe Chibis

50 fans Bonus Page

Saturday Night

100 fans Bonus Page

Christmas 2014

I AM GAMER (PDF on Deviant Art)

Early Concepts

Original concept sketches drawn prior to Gamer Cafe's first page. Contains notes on character's personalities.

First sketches - Mana

First sketches - Warren

First sketches - Derryl

First sketches - Gen

First sketches - Daz and Neko

First sketches - Daire

First sketches - Kuzma and Chris

Additional sketches - Mana 1

Additional sketches - Mana 2